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Concrete floors are popular because they’re durable and affordable. On the other hand look dull and unattractive. A concrete floor is also more difficult to clean due to the fact that it can attract dirt and dust.

The installation of floor coating is quick and simple. It lasts for many years. Ask us about our warranty. Our epoxy flakes are coated with an additional coat to make these floors durable. It can last several years, or even decades, if installed correctly.

It is ideal for residential and commercial use. Epoxy flooring is not painted.


Epoxy coatings are easier to maintain and clean, providing a smooth surface. An epoxy-coated flooring is more elegant and attractive.
The high gloss finish helps to brighten your floor up to 200%. It greatly improves the visibility in your garage.
You can mix epoxy with different colors and paints to hide minor imperfections like cracks and chips. An epoxy floor will save you money in the long-term by replacing expensive carpets with easy to maintain floors.

Epoxy can also be used to decorate your floors. You can choose from a range of colors that will give your floors a flawless, smooth shine. It is also possible to create a custom pattern or design.

Epoxy offers many options that can be used to enhance the appearance of your home, office or garage.

Durable Cover

Why choose epoxy? It is not only visually appealing, but it also protects your garage floor. The epoxy will form a thick, hard coating on your floor.

The floor’s finish makes it durable and tough and resists stains, impacts, chemical stains and chemicals. You don’t need to be concerned about the floor being damaged by nicks or scratches.

Concrete floors are protected better if the coating is thicker. The coating conceals small imperfections like cracks or other defects in concrete surfaces. This durable coating makes it possible for the concrete surface to resist heavy traffic and heavy machinery.

Moisture Barrier

Epoxy is resistant to water. It is therefore functional in both cold and wet environments. This tool is also great for cleaning road salts and ice brine from your floors during winter.
You can also use it to repel oil stains or water beads. It is also easy to clean. To get rid of any residue, you only need to use a small amount of soapy water. As long as your floor is clean, dust and road grime are easily swept up using a mop or soft broom.

The dust collection on the surface is also reduced by epoxy. The cement floor’s powder often causes the accumulation of dust. Dust collection is also a result of regular surface traffic to the concrete floor. This floor is used in hospitals because it is resistant to bacteria and germs.
Epoxy floors resist all types of liquids, including chemicals. It is used in both garages and homes.

Slip Protection

The floor will have better traction  if there are colored acrylic flakes added to the finish or topcoat. This depends on what type of coating is used. It requires very little to no maintenance, if any at all. Epoxy floors are also fire and heat resistant. Epoxy floors are heat and fire resistant.

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