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You may be overwhelmed with the number of floor coating options available when shopping. It can be difficult to choose the best option for you when there are so many options. Epoxy Flooring Miamioffers a variety of choices for customers throughout Miami-Dade Coubty. These include versatile polymers such as polyurethane or polyaspartic flooring coatings. Let’s take a look at these options so that you can find the best one for you.

Polymer Floor Coatings – A Versatile Option

Polymers are chemical compounds that bond different chemicals in order to create a coating that’s both moisture- and bacterial-resistant. There are many types of polymer floor coatings and they offer many benefits for those who use them. You will get different benefits depending on which polymer you select

Foot traffic resistance

Improvements in aesthetics New_paragraph: Bacteria resistance New_paragraph: Moisture resistance Polymers can be a good place to begin when you are thinking about floor coating. Prestige Floor Coating will help you select the best polymer to suit your needs so that you get the maximum benefit from your floor coating.

The Polyaspartic finish is hard and fast-drying

Polyaspartic flooring coating is one of the best options. It is the most durable coating on the market and will withstand foot traffic as well as other impacts. This polymer is one of the easiest to apply and dries quickly. It’s also highly resistant to moisture, making it an ideal choice in areas with moisture problems.

Polyurethane Flexible and Impact Resistant

Another type of polymer is used for floor coatings is polyurethane. Polyurethane is flexible and can withstand scratches. It also absorbs impacts well. Because of its high abrasion resistance, it can withstand high-traffic environments. It is chemical-resistant and can therefore be used for cleaning floors that require strong chemicals.

What floor coating is right for you?

For different purposes, you have many options. You may be overwhelmed by the options when it comes to floor coating your business or home. Epoxy Flooring Miami can help. The experts at EFM  can help you weigh your options and choose the best floor coating to suit your needs. We offer a wide range of products that can meet your requirements, whether you need moisture resistance, impact resistance, or aesthetics.

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